One In, One Out: Everything Our Editors Are Buying and Donating This Fall

Let's face it—none of us has an infinite amount of closet space (except for maybe Arianna Grande, who "bought a crib just for the closet"). For the rest of us, seasonal clothing and accessory weeding-out can be tough to work up the motivation for, but the plethora of new trends to slot into your newly freed-up closet space is plenty of motivation in itself, especially for us Who What Wear editors. Since we're basically shopping experts and are very clued-in to the latest trends, temptation has been high as of late, with new fall boots, outerwear, denim, and sweaters beckoning us to buy them. That said, it doesn't mean we're ditching all the previous seasons' trends we invested in.

For this seasonal edition of our keep/ditch/buy series, our editors took inventory of our fall wardrobes and made some tough decisions. Keep scrolling to find out what we're parting with, hanging onto, and investing in for fall, and shop our picks in case you're on the same page.

"This fall, I'm retiring cropped denim and instead I'll be wearing trouser-style jeans with a wide leg and roomier silhouette. Topping my fall shopping list? Knee-high boots, which I'll be wearing with everything from midi skirts to trousers."

"I'm getting rid of my clunky "dad" sneakers since I feel like that trend has come and gone and I still never fully got the hang of wearing them when it was around. I'm keeping my classic kicks like my high-top Converse and Nike Air Force Ones since they're, well, classics. But I'm still in the market for another pair of sneakers since I'm a self-proclaimed shoe hoarder so I've just added this pair of Reebok Club Cs to my wardrobe for fall. Mark my words: Retro sneakers will be huge in the coming months."

"Summer is officially coming to an end, so I'm casting aside my shell jewelry for now in favor of more sophisticated styles. I'm keeping my gold hoops because they're classics that I can wear year-round with literally everything in my closet, and I'm buying a statement chain-link gold necklace for an of-the-moment fall look."

"I'm parting ways with many of the clutches in my wardrobe (which I used to legit carry daily). While I like them in theory, they're not the most practical because, hello, hands-free. I'm still going to lean into the belt bag trend (yep, still not over it), but I'm in the market for a sleek smaller crossbody bag that's functional yet forward for my fall fits."

"This season, I'm finally ready to ditch my tight leather pants in favor of looser, tailored styles. One trend from last year that I'll definitely be keeping around is Western boots—I can't wait to pair them with jeans, skirts, and dresses. While there's a lot I want to buy for fall, at the top of my list is this layered-look sweater from Isabel Marant."

"This fall I plan on building up my chunky ring selection versus only wearing delicate stacking rings."

"I think it's time to say goodbye to my leopard-print pants and skirts (I'm wearing the print in smaller doses now), but I'm keeping my snakeskin shoes and boots, as they're an easy way to make my outfits more interesting. Topping my fall wish list is polished (but not stuffy) suiting."

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