5 Celebrities Who Seem Inseparable from Their Sunglasses

A simple pair of sunglasses can cement a person’s image in the minds of others. Just ask the staff at Utah-based Olympic Eyewear. Olympic team members put a lot of time and effort into designing styles that say something about the people who wear them.

How important are sunglasses to a person’s image? That varies from one person to the next. But one thing we all know is that there are certain people throughout the history of pop culture who seem inseparable from their shades. In other words, when we think of them, we tend to think of them wearing their sunglasses.

If you doubt the point here, consider the following five celebrities – all of whom have ironclad images that include their famous sunglasses:

1. Roy Orbison (Singer)

The legendary Roy Orbison was made famous by hits like Pretty Woman and You Got It. He dressed in all black – including a pair of wayfarers he always wore onstage. In fact, Orbison was rarely seen in public without sunglasses. But it was not a medical issue for him.

Orbison once said in an interview that he was extremely nervous the very first time he took the stage. So nervous, in fact, that he almost chickened out. He wore a pair of dark sunglasses to get him through the performance, and it worked. That was that. Orbison would never again take the stage without his legendary shades.

2. Stevie Wonder (Singer)

Stevie Wonder is another artist whose image is inexorably tied to his shades. In Wonder’s case though, he wears sunglasses due to premature birth that resulted in blindness. But that condition aside, it is impossible to think of Stevie Wonder in any other way. When you imagine Stevie’s face, you see him with his sunglasses. There are a few other celebrities we also associate with sunglasses due to blindness. Ray Charles and Jose Feliciano immediately come to mind.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger (Actor)

The actor best known for his role in The Terminator series of movies doesn’t don sunglasses every time he goes public. However, we all know two Arnold’s. Schwarzenegger the actor is forever linked to the Terminator movies. And the Terminator would not be the Terminator without sunglasses. Arnold without the shades is a California politician who gets mixed reviews. One wonders which reputation Schwarzenegger actually prefers.

4. Elton John (Singer)

Elton John’s sunglasses are linked not only to him as a person but also to his onstage persona. At the height of his career, John made a point of wearing sunglasses on stage that were completely outlandish. They were a part of his shtick that nobody minded because the flamboyant singer could back up his in-your-face personality with powerful vocal skills. Elton John continues to wear sunglasses during most of his public appearances today.

5. Michael Jackson (Singer)

The late Michael Jackson didn’t make sunglasses part of his image on purpose. It just sort of happened. His immense popularity led to him trying to disguise himself when out in public. He donned a pair of dark, oversized aviators that hid both his eyes and most of his upper face. Once he started wearing them, they kind of stuck. People associate Jackson with his aviators more than any other image outside of his Thriller video.

Sometimes it only takes something as simple as a pair of sunglasses to create a memorable image. But one doesn’t have to be a celebrity for it to be so. Perhaps you know someone, an average Joe for instance, who seems inseparable from his shades. That person is in good company.