50 Balayage Hairstyles to Add Dimension to Your Hair Color

Hairstyles that give your hair some volume can be really good for some. There are 50 Cute Balayage Hairstyles to Add Dimension to Your Hair Color styles that can do just that. Find some here:

  1. Soft shades framing the face with Balayage style – compliment volume with systematic coloring.
  2. Long hair with curls at end – lighter shades of blond at the bottom with curls for volume.
  3. Wavy bob – The style gives natural look and lots of lighter shades in the curls framing face.
  4. Beige blond with side parting and lighter brown at roots – side parting and light waves for volume.
  5. Creamy waves in blond shade – The waves cover half forehead and are almost grey.
  6. Sun kissed dark brown and caramel caress – The roots are darker shade with lighters shading.
  7. Wavy blond and caramel frame – Shoulder length hair with cascading brown curls.
  8. Baby soft blonds and highlights – lighter shade blond color and darker roots, medium length hair.
  9. Sleek and straight hair with darker brown shades – Straight hair, shoulder length.
  10. Straight hair with curved in tips – Bob shape and subtle layers.
  11. Long layered and ash blond waves – Long hairs, Ombre wavy highlights in lighter shade.
  12. Short bob with loose waves in golden – Lots of color, dark brown, golden shades.
  13. Straight hair with long waves – Long straight hair with tips layered and lighter blond.
  14. Natural Balayage with layered long curls – light to dark shades and highlights.
  15. Soft waves with balayage – get steel grey roots and soft brown highlights for volume.
  16. Front locks steel grey and soft brown highlights – Add volume with styling locks.
  17. Straight long layered hair – soft blond and honey brown shading.
  18. Adorable balayage – front cut in curvy locks, layered and highlights.
  19. Long length hair with bottom light brown and blond mixed shade – Roots dark and lighter streaks.
  20. Shorter hair in back and long curves at front – Roots and hair in auburn with lighter shades.
  21. Pastel pink fringes and bob hair in blond shade – looks fluffy and gives volume.
  22. Long curly hair with lighter shades and dark roots – curls and fringes framing face.
  23. Layered hair with slight darker shade roots and blond fluffy in blond – medium length and fringe ends with lighter shade.
  24. Long hair with layered cut – highlights in lighter shade along layers and waves.
  25. Short hair with cropped back and longer fringes at the front – done in lighter shades.
  26. Thin hair with bob shape and arranged in a messy look – darker shades with golden streaks.
  27. Layered fringes at front and back long straight – smooth color in darker shade.
  28. Shoulder length hair with straight fringe covering forehead – light and dark shade.
  29. Layered curly hair coming down in wavy shades of lighter blond – roots dark shade.
  30. Elegant class in hair, layered and swept to sides – styled waves in lighter shades.
  31. Dark roots and lighter golden shades and streaks – dynamic look and volume.
  32. Almost straight and slight waves – hair is dark brown shade with very light highlights for volume.
  33. Caramel balayage – roots in slight dark shade with curls and highlights in blond and caramel.
  34. Shoulder length hair with highlights in light grey and blond mix – adds messy volume.
  35. Side parting with ash blond medium curls – gives happy look.
  36. Ash blond and grey highlights short hair gets lot of thickness.
  37. Gold and beige shades with balayage – side parting and gold on the tips and curls.
  38. Shoulder grazing hair with layered and golden shade – bring that fluffy feel and class.
  39. Front fringes and choppy medium hair – shades and highlights with blond color.
  40. Soft curls and the top and tips almost straight – lighter shades on curls and tips for more thickness.
  41. Long fine hair with deep side part – highlighted curls and tips with brown roots. Curls at bottom.
  42. Layered cuts in shorter hair – with deep blackish brown and honey colored highlights for thicker look.
  43. Deep side parts with dark black and honey tinged highlights – messy medium hair.
  44. Chin length hair with lighter shades and highlights – instant volume.
  45. Blunt cut hair with fringes and shaded in blond color – tips to be curled for volume.
  46. Short curls with highlights in lighter shade – curls fill up the head with thickness.
  47. Creamy blond shades on darker roots – lighter blond shades on the locks framing face for volume.
  48. Subtle highlights in lighter shade – short shoulder length hair with highlights in hair and at the tips.
  49. Bangs with lighter shades and sweeping curves – creamy light blond at the back and bottom curls.
  50. Soft shade with dark root – gives a feeling of melting of the root color for more volume.

Try any of these 50 Cute Balayage Hairstyles to Add Dimension to Your Hair Color.