Men’s Style AW 2018: Why Aubergine Is The New Black!

Black suits are a popular everyday suit for the office, the business function or the red-carpet event. In Australia, we’ve seen a big resurgence in your lighter, brighter blue suits, various shades of grey along with your typical navy colour. What we don’t see any of, is the colour aubergine. And this brings us to today’s post: why aubergine is the new black!

So, what is the aubergine colour? Here in Australia it’s often referred to as an eggplant – you know that oval shaped vegetable the size of your hand in a dark purple and somewhat black colour, depending on which shade of light it’s in, that tastes a bit rubbery when cooked on the grill?

We’ve road-tested a Calibre aubergine suit as evidence of this breakout menswear colour. When you’re in natural light, the suit has dark purple and maroon tones, giving it some style and sophistication with a sense of “What is that suit colour – I want that!”. As you get into the darker shaded territory and into the night, it’s difficult on a quick glance to tell the colour difference from black (unless you’re directly next to another black suit). So effectively, you’re getting two suit colours for the price of one! And that’s why we are calling aubergine the new black.

The suit itself was well fitted, especially for a ready-to-wear suit. The lining felt beautiful and silky and the aubergine colour itself made me feel smart, stylish and a bit standout-ish, a bit ‘different from the norm’. Pair it with almost any accessory from hats to RayBan glasses and it will look fabulous!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Would you wear an aubergine suit? We’d love to hear your feedback, so leave a comment below.